IDE Heated Build Plate System - MakerBot Replicator Z18

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IDE Heated Build Plate System for the MakerBot Replicator Z18

The complete system, consisting of power supply, temperature controller and build platform, is completely independent of the software and hardware of your Replicator Z18. The build platform is simply pushed in instead of the original flex buildplate. The controller can remain outside the build chamber thanks to the long ribbon cable. The cable can either be routed through the gap above or below the compartment door.

On the controller, set the desired temperature for the build platform. For PLA, e.g. 55 ° C, for PETG 75 ° C and for ABS 95 ° C. Now you can not just print PLA on your Z18, you can also use materials that have better mechanical properties for your job.

Thanks to the heated chamber, you can create even better ABS parts on your Z18 than on any other 3D printer known to us. In our time-lapse video you can see how a rather large ABS part is created without being distorted or torn.

Apart from the freedom of different materials, you can also print without raft, and get an absolutely smooth bottom of your components. After cooling, it is possible to remove large-area objects, quite simply and without any effort, since the part comes off the build platform during cooling.

Scope of delivery: heated build platform, ribbon cable, temperature controller, power supply



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Delivery weight: 3 kg
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