IDE Upgrade Z-Axis - Makerbot Replicator 2 & 2X

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IDE Aluminium upgrade Z axis for MakerBot Replicator 2&2X - Make your Replicator a real tool!

What are the benefits?
The IDE Z axis upgarde increases print quality significantly cause of literally no vibrations - our customers tell us that they never had comparable results before.
It saves time and money - does not bend or warp during the use, so you do not have to level your build plate again and again anymore. Once leveled you are done.
It replaces the aluminium guides with hardened steel guides so it is backlash free (in all directions) cause of the use of linear ball bearings, what prevents a tilt / stutter during the Z-axis motion.
The dials for the leveling of the build platform are large and easy to grip and also self-locking and can not therefore twist while printing.
The firmware or MakerWare has not to be manipulated, all axis traveling stays the same, so you can print directly after the conversion again.
Who will like to use it?
We have professional users like Bosch,Volkswagen, Airbus and many other huge companies, as well as universities, schools, small businesses and private users. So in fact everyone with a MakerBot Replicator 2 or 2X will love the improvements that our upgrade brings. You will see quality improvements as well as more comfort and less maintenance.



A weak point of the MakerBot Replicator 2 and 2X is the complete Z-axis design. This is made of plastic and of many individual parts. The bearing can not be adjusted / aligned and the complete construction is very soft and tends to oscillate. Of course this is totally counterproductive for the printing quality.


Is it complicated to install?
Not at all! The installation is really as easy as playing lego, we ship it with a detailed, pictured assembly guide and really everyone can install it in just a few minutes. Its easy to install and you do not have to modifications on existing parts of your printer. (also see the video further down).

Conversion time:

about 30 minutes, doable for everyone without special knowledge.

What is part of the offer?
  • Complete upgrade kit for the Z-axis, linear bearings, CNC machined aluminum plate, screws and small parts

  • Detailed, illustrated conversion instructions.



The set can be built out again and the Replicator 2 / 2X can be restored to the factory settings at any time, at the original parts nothing is changed/modified.

The Z-Axis is compatible with the original Replicator 2&2X Buildplates and of course with our Upgrade-Heated-Buildplate


100% made in Germany!

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